Our materials got delivered to projects and refineries such as: Dow Chemical Thailand, PTT, IRPC, IBN SINA National Methanol Company, GS Entec Corp., Al Zour project, Ras Laffan / QatarEnergy,
Eastman Chemical Company, PETROFAC KNPC, Rabigh II project, Saudi Aramco Petro Rabigh extension: Contractor Technip Stone & Webster Proc. Technology, SABIC /SAFCO,
TÜPRAS / Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co., Kemper project, Chevron Cardon 3, OJSC NAFTAN Refinery in Belorussia, Foster Wheeler / Sasol FT Wax Epansion Project,
Ruwais Refinery, TANECO Refinery, AOFP project / Mutsubishi Heavy Industries and others. Main products and grades have been tube sheets, nozzles and flanges in ASME SA336 / SA182 F1, F5, F11, F12, F22, SA105, SA266, Duplex F51 and SA182 F321.

Nozzle SA350 LF2 Elbow WP316L LWN flanges SA105 SA182 F316L nozzle flange

Forgings, nozzles, flanges and tubesheets:

  • ASTM A694 F65 End Boss, forged an machined for subsea components
  • Girth flanges SA765 Gr. 2 / Gr. 3 / Aramco
  • ASME SA336 F1 / F11 / F22 forgings, for process equipment designated to Ras Laffan LNG / Qatar Energy
  • A182 F316H nozzles, BL- & LWN flanges acc. AD-2000 for reactor construction.
  • 42CrMo4 heavy wall pipes for calender rolls, forged and pre-machined.
  • SA182 F53/F51/F316 forged and fully machined tube sheets / girth flanges for heat exchanger manufacturing.
  • Self-Reinforced Flange (FVC Variable BodyConnection Type V1), BL Flanges, Long Welding Necks, ConnectingNozzles and Elbow, 90 Deg., Long Radius in SA350LF2 Cl1 / SA182 F316L / ASME SA403 Gr. WP316/316L for pressure vessel construction / Tatweer Petroleum.
  • forged pipes in Superduplex ASME SA182 F53 and Duplex ASME SA182 F60 / petrochemical plant incl. TÜV 3.2
  • Flanges as per drawing, forged pipes and rund bars in 1.4438 / SS317L / UNS S31703 incl. 3.2 inspection for pressure vessel construction.
  • Tubesheets in P245GH
  • LWN Flages  in 1.7383 / 11CrMo9-10 for high pressure application
  • Tubesheets acc. SB-171 C46400 ASME IIB NAVAL BRASS (CuZn38Sn1
    As/ 2.0530)
  • AISI 4130 / 25CrMo4 forged components for blow out preventer service acc. API
  • ASME SA182 F36 forged pipe
  • 15NiCuMoNb5 / 1.6368 forged nozzles
  • 1.4571 Nozzles acc. AD2000 / pressure vessel manufacturing
  • SA266 Cl.3 & ASTM A694 F60 discs and round bars / Thermowell manufacturing
  • SA182 F304L tube sheets & SA266 -Gr. 2 channel flanges for Sabic / Safco
  • Nozzles and LWN flanges in P250GH acc. BP specification
  • Forged discs in SA182 F91 / 1.4903 /X10CrMoVNb9-1 / Flange production
  • SA266 Gr.4 finish machined tubsheets and girth flanges / SASOL
  • Nickel-copper alloy K-500 forged rings / valve production
  • Tube sheets, nozzles, flanges in SA105, 316 and NAS 254N / UNS S32053 for Sumitomo Chemical Engineering.
  • SA266 Gr.2 tube sheets with CuNi 70/30 weldoverlay for heat exchanger manufacturing
  • A182 F51 forged discs for compressor valve parts
  • ASTM B564 UNS N04400 / Alloy 400 WN and BL flanges for petrochemical refinery
  • AISI 4140 forged cylinder body for hydraulic equipment
  •  1.4313 forged block for thermal steamturbine maintenance
  • Nozzles and flanges in A105 for PTTGC
  • SA350 LF3 Cl1 nozzle flanges IRPC Polypropylene Expansion Project
  • Forged rings in A182 F53 Superduplex for pump application
  • Tube sheets, flanges, tubes in SA182 F304 /316, EPCC by Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Forged Drum Hub for mining equipment in A105
  • SA105N LWN, WN and HB flanges for Banyu Urip project / Exxon Mobile Indonesia
  • SA105 WN Flanges with CuNi 90/10 weldoverlay
  • Finish machined tube sheets, flange and forged pipes in SA266 Cl.2
  • Forged bonnets, hubs and rings in SA182 F55 / UNS S32760 for valve construction, supplied through Italian mill partner
  • Forged spindles in SNCM 439 / 34CrNiMo6 for sugar centrifuges
  • Forged pipe A182 F51, machined with branch outlets
  • Forged drive shafts in SCM440 / AISI4140 / 42CrMo4 for machine construction
  • Forged discs in DIN EN 1.4021 / X20Cr13 / AISI 420A for compressor parts
  • SNCM420 / AISI 4320 forged discs for industrial gear manufacturing
  • Forged rectangles / blocks in AISI 304 / 1.4301 for oil and gas application
  • Finish machined tube sheets and channel flanges in SA266 Cl2 and SA105 for SUMITOMO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SINGAPORE PTE Ltd.
  • Forged crane wheels in SCM440 QT
  • SA266 Cl2 tube sheet and baffles for acrylic plant / waste heat boiler
  • A182 F11 Cl.2 shell flanges
  • Nozzles, flanges, girth flanges in A105, A266 Cl2 with 316L weldoverlay for PTT refinery project
  • A105N large diameter flanges for use in chemical industries

Goblin Forgemaster cursing unauthorized copies SA182 F22 Hochdruckflansch Forged nozzle SA350 LF3 Closer for ball valve SA350 LF3

Seamless rolled or forged Rings

  • SA182 F44 seamless rings / natural gas processing facility
  • Rolled rings with large diameters in 1.4541 / X6CrNiTi18-10 / AISI 321 for machine construction.
  • Seamless rolled rings in SA182 F51 / 1.4462 incl. NACE 0175 / corrosiontest ASTM G 48 Method A and Alloy 625 / UNS 06625
  • Sealrings for hydropower application in 1.4006 QT650 / AISI410
  • Sealrings, seamless rolled in 1.4462 / Duplex
  • Alloy 600 & A182 F316 forged rings for explosion safety systems
  • Alloy 617/ NiCr23Co12Mo/2.4663 forged rings for gas turbine components
  • AISI 4317/18CrNiMo7-6/1.6587 seamless rings, mining equipment / spare parts
  • A182 F304 forged bushes and rings for food processing equipment
  • SA266 Cl2 large diamter seamless rings for process equipment
  • Forged Ring SA350 LF2CL1 Thickness 155 mm. Weight 2.5 tons
  • Forged rings in S355 J2+N for oil and gas application
  • Forged rings A350 LF2 for food processing equipment
  • Seamless rings 1.5415 / 16Mo3 for steel mill spare parts
  • Seamless rolled rings in AISI 4317 for mining equipment
  • 17-4PH / UNS S17400 Condition A forged rings
  • 1.4939 / X12CrNiMoV12-3 forged rings for gas turbines
  • 1.4418 QT900/ X4CrNiMo16-5-1 forged bushes / hydro power
  • 1.4313 QT780 / X3CrNiMo13-4 / pelton turbines

 Tube sheet F55 drilling AISI 4130 API seal flange Blindflansche SA350LF Cl.1

Steel castings, spin castings, additive manufacturing

  • Spin cast rings in ASTM B271 B148 Copper Alloy C95400 for renewable energies
  • Heat shields in Alloy 718 ( UNS N07718 / 2.4668) for gas turbines
  • 1.0619 / GP240GH cast valve casing and cover
  • Centrifugal cast rings in ASTM C95800 copper-aluminium CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C-GZ, alloy CC333G-GZ for petrochemical refinery
  • Impact arm for shale crusher in GX120Mn 12 for cement mill

Tubes and pipes

  • Seamless tubes duplex A789 S32205 heat exchanger manufacturing
  • Pipes INCONEL 600 (75 Ni/16 Cr) / ASME SB167 UNS N06600 for HRSG equipment.
  • CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C / CC493K pipes for mechanical parts compressor equipment
  • SA213 TP304L U-tubes for PTT Gas Separation Plant
  • Pipes ASTM B423 UNS N08825 / Inconel 825 for process equipment
  • Heavy wall SAW pipes in A672 CL60 Gr. II with 45mm wall thickness
  • 8" seamless pipes in A106 Gr.B cut to size
  • Fin tubes in ASTM A179 with Al .99 fin material, extruded type
  • Heat exchanger tubes and U-tubes according ASTM TP304 and A179 for Novo Project Siam Cement Group (SSC)

SA350 LF2 high pressure LWN flanges Drilled high pressure tubesheet SA266 Cl.2 High pressure tubesheet SA266 Cl.2 forged pipe SA266 Cl.2

Plates, round and flat steel

  • 1.3912 forged blocks for precision components
  • Heat-resistant alloy 21CrMoNiV4-7 /1.6981 forged, for turbine components
  • AISI 4145H MOD round bars / offshore application
  • Alloy 617 / 2.4663 / NiCr23Co12Mo plates for gas turbine components
  • 1.4016 / X6Cr17 forged blocks
  • 25CrMo4 forged pusher shafts for machine construction
  • Forged blocks 1.4980 / X6NiCrTiMoVB25-15-2 in ESR quality, for Oil and Gasindustry
  • High temperature 1.4913 / X19CrMoNbVN11-1 round bars for thermal engine components
  • ASME SA508 GRADE 2 CLASS 1 forges round bars with controlled carbon and cobalt contend for power plant service
  • Plates 1.3912 / ASTM F1684 - UNS K93603, research facility
  • 1.4410 / X2CrNiMoN25-7-4 Super Duplex forged round bars
  • CUSN8 / CW453K / UNS C52100 round bars for pulp and paper indust.
  • Forged S355J2 blocks for machine construction
  • 1.4307/X2CrNi18-9/304L forged block for manifold production
  • Cold drawn round bars in 1.4057/X17CrNi16-2
  • 1.4313 QT780 forged flat steel for hydropower pelton bucket manufacturing
  • 1.7709 / 21CrMoV5-7 hot rolled round bars for power plant components
  • 1.4462 Duplex shafts for chemical process equipment
  • 1.4948 / X6CrNi18-10 / AISI 304H plates for process equipment to Doosan Heavy Industries
  • SA240 316Ti hot rolled plates
  • Structural steel plates ASME SA36 high thickness
  • AISI420 forged round bars for pump shaft manufacturing
  • Lean Duplex LDX 2101 / 1.4162 screen plates, drilled and bended for food processing application
  • Alloy 718 forged round bars
  • Forged Duplex 1.4462 round bars with NORSOK M-630 compliance
  • Stud bolts & hex nuts in Super Duplex UNS S32705 & Monel 400 off shore appl.
  • AISI4140/SCM440 hot rolled rounds bars for valve casings
  • AISI 420F cold drawn bars for aerospace equipment
  • AISI 347 plates, round bars and seamless tubes in A312 TP321 for process equipment manufacturing
  • A182 F321 forged round bars with NACE MR0175
  • Aluminium round bars in EN AW 6082 T6 for compressor cylinder manufacturing
  • S45C forged round bars for sugar mill shafts
  • 1.4913 / X19CrMoNbVN11-1 hot rolled round bars for gas turbine blades
  • Pressure vessel plates in SA516 Gr.70N with 160mm thickness
  • Forged ASTM A694 F60 and F52 round bars for injection quills manufacturing
  • 17-4PH / 1.4542 roundbars
  • Round bars in A182 F92 for thermowells in thermal power station
  • Round bars in AISI 440C for mould and die fabrication
  • Drilled round bars in AISI 410 for offshore application
  • Plates in SA387 Gr.91 CL.2 for Tokyo Electric / Futtu Power Plant Rehabilitation
  • Forged round bars in 1.4529 / Alloy 926 / N 08926 for spare parts production EGAT
  • 1.4418 QT900 round bars for use in offshore applications
  • Round bars in 1.4104 / X14CrMoS17 for machine construction
  • Forged flat bars AISI 410 for steam turbines
  • Forged flat steel in X22CrMoV 12.1 / 1.4923

A694 F65 geschiedeter Stutzen T-Stück geschmiedet 1.4404 Ringe 25CrMo4 AISI4130 für Pfahlbohrmaschinen BL flanges SA350LF Cl.1