Open die forgings

We supply open die forgings in form of discs & punched discs, hubs, spheres and stepped shafts up to 35 tons for markets such as:

  • forged balls and spheres for ball / spherical valve manufacturing, from 8" to 67" sizes.
  • Roller press shafts for cement industry and pelleting mills, crushing mill rolls
  • forged pipes and shells
  • Nozzles, special flanges for pressure vessel and heat exchanger manufacturing
  • Forged round bars and discs for gear industries
  • Impellers / discs for gas turbines and compressors (15-5PH / 17-4PH)
  • forgings for hydro generators, pellton- and francis turbines (1.4313 / A182 F6NM)
  • Hollow forged parts for machine construction and oil /gas industries

SA350 LF2 geschmiedete Kugeln  Forged pipe SA336 F22 Duplex F51 Rohrverbindung

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