latest projects

SA182 F321 Flanges

Forged pipes, flanges, nozzles for Kemper project

SA182 F321 Blind Flange


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SA350 LF2 Nozzles

Heavy barrel flanges and WN flanges in SA350 LF2

SA350 LF2 LWN Flange 30 Inch


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Duplex SA182 F51 forgings

SA182 F51flanges, tube sheets and rings for BASF- YPC

ASTM A 182 F304L WN Flange


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SA336 F1 Tube sheets

Tube sheets for Takreer refinery project Ruwais.

SA336 F1 tube sheet


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Forged Nozzles SA336 / SA182 F1

Nozzles according to drawing with special requirements.

Forged fittings A182 F1


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Seamless Rolled Rings AISI 4130

Delivery of profiled rolled rings for machine building.


Forged rings AISI 4130

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SA336 F11 Cl.3 and SA105 Nozzles for Sasol Secunda

Forged Nozzels for use in Sasol's Secunda complex.


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Forged Nozzles, WN Flanges, Discs in SA182 F11 Cl2 and SA105

Forgings according drawing for Ehsan project.

Forged Nozzle Flanges A182 F11


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Forged Neck, LWN Flanges, Discs in SA 105 & F316L

Forgings according drawing for PTT Siam project.

Flange F316L


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Nozzles and rings in SA182 F12 Cl2

Nozzles and rings according drawing for MHI project.

Nozzle SA336 F12


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Overview of materials supplied


Here you find a brief overview regarding open die forging items and other materials we have supplied over the years



  • AISI 4317/18CrNiMo7-6 forged bushesForged Reducer A105
  • Forged round bars 1.4122 / X35CrMo17 for valve construction
  • AISI 4140 forged rings for defence industry
  • Cast crusher arm in 1.3401 / X120Mn12 wear resistant, austenitic manganese steel Forged Nozzle A336 F12for cement industry
  • Flanges SA182 F51 & SA350 LF2 including F51 weld overlay cladding on SA350 LF2 material for PTT Tank Terminal Project in Thailand.

  • AISI 410/1.4006/X12Cr13 forged rectangles/flat steel for steam turbines

    SA182 F12 Cl2 1500# LWNRT

  • Forged cylinder and rings in AISI4140/42CrMo4 for machine construction
  • WN Flanges A182 F5 for filter vessels
  • B171 C63000 (Aluminum Bronze) tube sheets for PT Pertamina (Persero) Indonesia
  • Forged hubs AISI 4140 for forging press refurbishment
  • A182 F316L WN Flanges for Purac (Thailand) Ltd.Flanges A182 F12 Cl2
  • Heavy barrel LWN Flanges in SA105 N for Peerles PTT Thailand.
  • Rotor shaft for steam turbine in 21 CrMoV5.7
  • Forged flat steels 21CRMOV57, X22CRMOV121 and 15Mo3 cut to size.SA336 F321H transition piece
  • Forged round bars in 42CrMo4/AISI 4140 for sugar mill upgrade
  • Forged tool steel P20 / 1.2738 for automotive industry mould making.
  • U-tubes A213 TP304L for heat exchanger re-tubing Down Chemicals Thailand
  • Forged spindles in 34CrNiMo6 for sugar centrifuges.
  • H-Beams / Wide flange beams in S235J5
  • Duplex steel / SA182 F51 forgings fro BASF-YPC: Tube sheets,seamless ring, girth flanges, forged hollows, WN/LWN flanges, nozzle flanges.
  • SA182 F1 / SA336 F12 tube sheets, nozzle flanges and forged covers for heat exchangers / Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation.
  • Cu-Ni Plates according to ASTM B171 C71500 M20 for use in power station upgrade /Abu Dhabi



  • Forged propulsion shaft in 42CrMo4 for sugar mill upgrade
  • Forged rectangles in A182 F316L
  • Alloy steel forgings in A182 F11 CL2: Manhole Nozzles, Catalyst Dump-Nozzle and WN Flanges for Iran
  • Forged steel shafts in C35 / AISI 1035 for sugar mills
  • Copper Alloy plates and LWN flanges in SB171 Cu-Ni 90/10 (C70600)
  • Heat exchanger tubes and U-tubes according ASTM TP304 and A179 for Novo Project Siam Cement Group (SSC) / Thailand
  • Seamless rolled rings in A182 F6NM / 1.4313 / X3 CrNiMo 13-4
  • Finished machined and drilled tube sheets in ASTM A266 Cl4 for heat exchanger manufacturing.
  • WN Flanges A105 30" and 32" for replacement job, airfreight
  • Seamless rolled rings in A182 F6NM for hydro-power applications
  • Flanges in SA350 LF2 Cl1 for pressure vessel manufacturing
  • Hex Nuts & Bolts in Super Duplex UNS S32705, Stud Bolts & Hex Nuts in Monel 400
  • Tube sheets and seamless rolled rings in A182 F317L
  • WN Flanges, LWN Flanges in SA 105, special flanges and bushes in A182 F12 and A182 F321
  • Large quantities of profiled rolled rings in AISI 4130 / 25CrMo4
  • Flanges, nozzles, round bars in A335 F11 Cl2
  • A105 LWN flanges for pressure vessel manufacturing
  • Explosion cladded / bonded plates and dish heads in SA 516 Gr.70 with 316L clad for end use in Woodside project.
  • Fin tubes in ASTM A179 with Al .99 fin material, extruded type


  • Rings and closures in A350 LF2 for valve construction
  • Alloy 600 disc for heat exchanger replacement job
  • Girth flanges according to drawing in A182 F304
  • Forged rings and discs in SA765 Gr.2 comply to NACE MR 0175 for Naptha Diesel heat exchanger
  • Flanges, contra flanges and manholes in SA350 LF2 Cl 1 according to drawing.
  • 8" seamless F51 Duplex pipes for pressure vessel construction
  • Elbows and Tees in Duplex material fro pressure vessel construction
  • A350 LF2 Cl1 WN and Blind Flanges up to 30" and SCH160 for MAERSK Project
  • A240 WPL6 elbows and tees, 10" SCH160 produced in 2 weeks for airfreight
  • Tube sheets in F5
  • Tube sheet, rings, flanges according drawing in A105 for Check Republic
  • Forged pulley shafts in 42CrMo4 for mining equipment
  • Finished machined tube sheets and rings in A182 316L and SA266 Gr.2 for heat exchanger manufacturing. Used by PETROCEDENO refinery South America.


  • A106 pipes with internal 316L cladding for nozzle fabrication
  • Seamless rolled rings in A182 F304L for machine building in Germany
  • Forged closures in A350LF2 and F52, rings for valve bodies with total volume of 2Mio US$
  • Finned tubes in A192/DIN17175, return bends in A192 / ST35.8-1, SA210 Grade C seamless tube bends (as per drawing)