latest projects

SA182 F321 Flanges

Forged pipes, flanges, nozzles for Kemper project

SA182 F321 Blind Flange


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SA350 LF2 Nozzles

Heavy barrel flanges and WN flanges in SA350 LF2

SA350 LF2 LWN Flange 30 Inch


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Duplex SA182 F51 forgings

SA182 F51flanges, tube sheets and rings for BASF- YPC

ASTM A 182 F304L WN Flange


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SA336 F1 Tube sheets

Tube sheets for Takreer refinery project Ruwais.

SA336 F1 tube sheet


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Forged Nozzles SA336 / SA182 F1

Nozzles according to drawing with special requirements.

Forged fittings A182 F1


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Seamless Rolled Rings AISI 4130

Delivery of profiled rolled rings for machine building.


Forged rings AISI 4130

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SA336 F11 Cl.3 and SA105 Nozzles for Sasol Secunda

Forged Nozzels for use in Sasol's Secunda complex.


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Forged Nozzles, WN Flanges, Discs in SA182 F11 Cl2 and SA105

Forgings according drawing for Ehsan project.

Forged Nozzle Flanges A182 F11


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Forged Neck, LWN Flanges, Discs in SA 105 & F316L

Forgings according drawing for PTT Siam project.

Flange F316L


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Nozzles and rings in SA182 F12 Cl2

Nozzles and rings according drawing for MHI project.

Nozzle SA336 F12


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Material deliveries, projects and new materials


Forged discs in SA182 F91

Raw discs in F91 / 1.4903 /X10CrMoVNb9-1 for flange manufacturing used in high temperature service.


Large diameter tube sheets in SA516 Gr.70

Tube sheets and baffles in SA516 Gr.70 and SA285 Gr.C with ODs up to 4100mm, fully machined and drilled for condenser replacement, Dow Chemical Thailand.


F11 and F1 nozzles, flanges, rings and discs

Complet package of SA336 F1 / F11 and SA182 F11 Cl.3 nozzles, LWN flanges, rings and tube sheets for IBN SINA National Methanol Company .


Forged caps in X10CrMoVNb9-1

Header caps inX10CrMoVNb9-1, 13CrMo4-5 and P245GH for GS Entec Corp. project.


CC333G / CuAl10Fe5Ni5-C Aluminium Bronze rings

Spin cast rings in Aluminium Bronze for petrochemical industries.


Alloy 617 / 2.4663 and X12CrNiMo12 / 1.4939 rings

Forged and machined rings for gas turbine service / spare parts.


SA336 F1 tube sheets and SA105 nozzles for ethane cracker

Finish machined and drilled tube sheets with very tight tolerances and nozzles for heat exchanger manufacturing. Enduse in Shell ethane cracker plant.


Nickel alloy 825 special flanges for Al Zour project

Forged special flanges acc. ASME SB564 N08825 / Incoloy 825 for KNPC Al Zour refinery project. As per Shell DEP incl. ICG test ASTM A262 practice C and 3.2 inspection.


SA336 F1 forged plates, tube sheets and rings

Package with forged flat steel, flanges, discs and rings for pressure equipment manufacturing (Eastman Chemical Company).


SA105 forged blocks

Forged and machined rectangles in SA105 for water chambers used in LPG process equipment including IBR 3.2 inspection.


Nickel alloy 825 LWN and special flanges for PETROFAC KNPC

Forged lwns and specials flanges in acc. ASME SB564 N08825 / Incoloy 825 incl NACE and IGC testing.


Forged nickel and super alloys

Full range of forged nickel alloy 200, 400, 500, 600, 626, 800 H/HT and super alloys such as 825, 904L, 901 are available in form of tube sheets, rings nozzles and special flanges.

Tube sheets and baffle plates in 304L

A182 F304L machined and drilled tube sheets and A240 Gr.304L baffle plates for for heat exchangers used in ammonium nitrate plant.


Rabigh II project flanges and nozzles

SA182 F11 and SA105 flanges for Rabigh II project, Saudi Aramco Petro Rabigh extension. Contractor Technip Stone & Webster Proc. Technology.


Flanges and nozzles in SA350LF2 for TUPRAS

WN, LWN and Nozzle flanges for pressure vessel construction to TÜPRAS / Turkish Petroleum Refineries Co..


SA182 F321 forged pipes and high pressure flanges Kemper project

Forged pipes, flanges and nozzles in SA F321 and SA105 for outlet header superheaters.


Flanges SA350 LF2 for Chevron Cardon 3

Standard and specials flanges in SA350 LF2 for Chevron Cardon 3 block Venezuela.


Tube sheets, flanges, nozzles for OJSC NAFTAN Refinery in Belorussia

Finished machined tube sheets, flanges, nozzles in SA336 F5, SA 266 Gr.2 and SA350 LF2 for heat exchanger manufacturing.


Integral nozzles in SA182 F51

Forged nozzles in F51 duplex steel for Foster Wheeler / Sasol FT Wax Epansion Project in South Africa.


Forged rings in 17-4PH for turbomachinery

Pre-machined rings acc. to customer specification in 17-4PH/X5CrNiCuNb16-4 for construction of turbo compressors.


Tubes sheets A182 F304L

Finished machined and drilled tube sheets in A182 F304L including Huey test following Bayer Technology Services specification.


SA350 LF2 CL1 WN and LWN Flanges

LWN Flanges 30" acc. drawing and 24" WN in SA350 LF2 for pressure vessels used in Fluxys Gas Compression Station.


Tube Sheets and Girth Flanges SA266 Cl4

Forged and finish machined and drilled cover flanges, girth flanges and tube sheets in SA266 Cl4 for heat exchanger manufacturing Sasol / South Africa including third party inspection by BV.


Explosion cladded plates SA516 Gr.70N +A240 316L for Aseng FPSO

Eplosion cladded plates for pressure vessel construction used in offshore application.


Forged round bars in AISI 4140 / 42CrMo4

150 tons of forged round bars AISI410 for sugar mill upgrade. Material with German origin.


Forged Tube Sheet, seamless Rings and Flanges SA182 F51 and SA105

Duplex F51 forgings according to BASF specification for BASF-YPC.


Forged Nozzles in SA 336 F11 Cl.3 and SA105

Nozzles with chemical restrictions for end use in Sasol's Secunda complex in South Africa.


Tubes sheets in SA 336 F1,Forged Nozzels in SA105

Forged Inlet and Outlet Tube sheets / nozzle flanges for end use in Takreer owned Ruwais Refinery.


Forged Flanges, Fittings SA350 LF2 Cl1

Forged connecting pieces, flanges and fittings for process equipment used at Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. / Maraven and Punta Cardón Refinery.


Forged Nozzles in SA 336 F1

Forgings according to drawing for pressure vessel manufacturing. F1 material with analysis limitation Cequ. < 0,45


Cu Ni 70/30 discs acc. ASTM B171 UNS No. 71500

Supply of copper alloy heat exchanger tube sheets according ASTM B171 UNS 71500 with thickness of 200mm.


Forged Nozzles, rings, discs & round bars in SA 105 and SA 336 F11

Forgings according to drawing for industrial and power plant service provider in Germany, manufactured in finished machined condition with 4 week production time.


LWN Flanges, forged necks and discs in SA 105N and SA182 F316L

Delivery of LWN flanges, forged necks and tube sheets according drawing in A105, A350 LF2 Cl1 and F316L. Manufactured in 20 days only for 3-Phase Separator & Deoiling Hydrocyclone LKU-F / PTT SIAM LTD.


Nozzles and rings in SA182 F12 Cl2 and A182 F321

WN and LWN flanges, nozzles, manholes, bushes and rings according drawing in SA182 F12 Cl2 / SA 336 F12 and SA182 F321 for AOFP project / Mutsubishi Heavy Industries.


Profiled rolled rings in AISI4130

Seamless rolled rings with close net shapes for machine building purpose. Delivery to Western Europe, keeping of tight delivery schedule and zero-defect finish machining of all pieces.


Discs and rings in 317L / SA266 Gr.4 for Cubatao project

Delivery of rings and discs in A182 317 and SA266 Gr.4 with sizes up to 1800mm OD and special requirements like HIC testing. Fabricated in 60 days only.


F12 and F11 forgings for Nynaes project

Delivery of flanges, nozzles and tube sheets in SA182 F11 Cl.2 and SA182 F12 including third party inspection

to achieve 3.2 certification.

Nozzles and flanges in SA336 F11 Cl.3 / A182 F1

Delivery of above mentioned material grades, forged and finish machined according to drawings for end use in process equipment for

TANECO Refinery in Russia. All material with third party inspection by Bureau Veritas.




Long Welding Neck Flanges SA 105N

Detail F304 flange finish machined and drilled

Forged Neck SA 105N